Company culture


You are a horse

I am the grassland

In my magnanimous mind

Enjoy running

Is your dream

Is also my dream


You are an eagle

I am the sky

Under my blue canopy

Freedom to fly

Is your pleasure

Is also my pleasure


You are a whale

I am the sea

In my majestic sound

Traveling smoothly

Is your enjoyment

Is also my enjoyment


You are a bird

I am the forest

Between my lonely branches

Singing cheerfully

Is your happiness

Is also my happiness


You are Ivy

I am the big tree

On my rough torso

Intimate climb

Is your wish

Is also my wish


Wanlutong Metal vowed to “connect with Wanzhou Road for the future”and let everyone live together in happiness and mutual trust.Since founding the company, improvisation made "wish" to give everyone, This is our wish, also your wish, and we will be accompanied by each other for the luster of our development.


Happy home

Here is the station of the soul,

it's here,

You can hand in yourself with confidence, bring each other,

Let the heart rest on the soul and let the soul warm the soul!


Here is the peach fountain of love,

it's here,

There is no "thief" nor "police".

Let love convey love, let love sow love!


Here is the church of thanksgiving

it's here,

Together, we work together to achieve common prosperity.

Let wealth bear responsibility and let success be happy!


Here is a happy home,

it's here,

Smile shining smile, smile inspire a smile,

Let the trouble go away with the wind, let joy reside in the heart!


"Happy Home" symbolizes the determination of everyone to pursue happiness together. We hereby share with you. Let us work together, change together, and live happily together!

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