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Wanlutong Metal Material Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest national professional metal manufacturers established in China. After many years of good faith management, the company is a large-scale industrial metal holding company integrating aluminum and aluminum alloy industry, copper and copper alloy industry, zinc, lead, tin, steel, stainless steel and other metal industry logistics. The company has established extensive business cooperation relationships with 142 countries and regions around the world, making important contribution to China’s reform and opening up and new era industrial development..

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  • Casting process of high quality aluminum ingot billet
    High quality aluminum ingot production billet should not have significant loose, porosity, and low content of hydrogen and oxidation inclusion, fine grain. In order to optimize the distribution of diffusion phase particles after alloy averaging, a two-stage averaging process of low temperature an...
  • Magnesium alloy hot forming characteristics
    The formability of magnesium alloy under hot condition is much better than that under cold condition. Therefore, most of the workpiece forming in the hot state, forming method and heating equipment is also the same as aluminum, copper and other alloys, of course, the tools and process parameters ...
  • The purpose and usage of tin wire
    Tin wire is composed of tin alloy and flux. It is an indispensable material for manual soldering. It is widely used in PCBA processing plants. Tin wire is also divided into lead tin wire and lead-free tin wire. The manufacturing process of traditional tin wire is roughly as follows: alloy fusion,...
  • Effective production process of industrial aluminum profiles
    Casting is the beginning of aluminum profile preparation process. Need to carry out the ingredients first, see the type and characteristics of aluminum profiles, so as to determine the amount of various metal components added, reasonable configuration of various raw materials. Secondly, it is mel...

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