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Wanlutong Metal Material Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest national professional metal manufacturers established in China. After many years of good faith management, the company is a large-scale industrial metal holding company integrating aluminum and aluminum alloy industry, copper and copper alloy industry, zinc, lead, tin, steel, stainless steel and other metal industry logistics. The company has established extensive business cooperation relationships with 142 countries and regions around the world, making important contribution to China’s reform and opening up and new era industrial development..

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  • What is the difference between aluminum alloy ingots and pure aluminum ingots?
    Aluminum alloy ingot: Aluminum alloy is formed of pure aluminum and recycled aluminum, and other elements are added in keeping with international standards or special requirements, such as: silicon (Si), copper (Cu), magnesium (Mg), iron (Fe), etc., an alloy formulated to boost the castability, c...
  • Aluminum plate processing plant tells you what factors affect the color difference of the aluminum plate surface
    If the actual effect of aluminum double plate color can not exceed the estimated actual effect, it will cause great harm to its use. In manufacturing, what are the color differences affecting the surface of aluminum plate? Surface color elements of aluminum plate: 1. Dyeing solution temperature. ...
  • Pattern aluminum plate common six kinds of classification
    Aluminum embossed plate is a common aluminum plate, which is also used in decoration and life. The classification of pattern aluminum plate has made the following summary for us, hoping to help you understand the product. 1, the compass aluminum alloy pattern plate: antiskid aluminum plate, and f...
  • What are the factors affecting the price of aluminum ingots?
    1. Supply and demand The relationship between supply and demand directly affects the market pricing of a commodity. When the relationship between supply and demand is in temporary balance, the market price of the commodity will fluctuate in a narrow range. When supply and demand are out of balanc...

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