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Best-Selling Tin Ingot - Phosphorus copper strip – Wanlutong Detail:

Quick Details                            Application:Industry

Thickness:0.5-5000mm                    Width:0.5-1000mm Customer’s Request

Material:Bronze                          Grade:Phosphor Bronze

Cu (Min):90%                            Alloy Or Not:Is Alloy

Model Number:C5191                     Brand Name:Wanlutong

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)             Name:phosphorus copper strip

Product Name:C5191 bronze strip            Shape:Customised

Type:Double Conductive Copper Foil Tape      Color:Red Coppery

Standard:JIS ASTM DIN EN ISO               Certificate:ISO9001

Electric 20 CConductivity:C5191>14%         Length:Clients ’ Reuqests

Package:Fumigation Wooden Package

PortQingdaoChina                PaymentT/T,L/C

Non-standard specifications can be customized

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details

Standard Export Package

Delivery Time

Within 30 days


copper phosphate with higher corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact without sparks. For medium speed, heavy load bearing, working temperature 250 ℃. It has the characteristics of automatic centering, insensitivity to deflection, high uniform bearing capacity, radial load and self-lubricating without maintenance. Phosphorus-copper strip is a kind of alloy copper, which has good electrical conductivity and is not easy to heat up, so it is safe and has strong fatigue resistance at the same time. The hard connection electric structure of tin phosphorus bronze socket Reed, no rivet connection or no friction contact, can ensure good contact, good elasticity and smooth insertion. The alloy has excellent mechanical properties and chip forming properties, which can shorten the processing time of parts quickly. As master alloy, phosphorus copper strip is widely used in copper casting, solder and other fields, and plays an important role in the development of national economy. Phosphorus copper belt was added with bronze degassing agent P content 0.03 ~ 0.35 and tin content 5 ~ 8%. And other trace elements such as iron, Fe, Zn and other components, such as ductility, fatigue resistance can be used in electrical and mechanical materials, reliability is higher than the general copper alloy products. Bronze originally refers to copper and tin alloys, after which copper alloys other than brass and white copper are called bronze, and are often named after bronze by the name of the first major addition element. Tin bronze is suitable for manufacturing bearing, worm gear, gear and so on.

Uses and characteristics:

QSn6.5-0.1 Tin phosphorus Bronze has high strength, elasticity, wear resistance and diamagnetism, good workability under hot and cold pressure, high flammability to electric sparks, soldering and brazing, good machinability in atmosphere, Corrosion resistant in fresh water .QSn6.5-0.1 is used to make spring and good electrical conductivity spring contact, wear resistant parts and magnetic parts in precision instruments, such as gears, brush boxes, vibrators, contactors, etc. Tin bronze is a kind of non-ferrous metal alloy with the lowest casting shrinkage. It is used to produce castings with complex shape, clear outline and low air tightness. Tin phosphorus bronze is very corrosion-resistant in atmosphere, sea water, fresh water and steam. Widely used in steam boilers and marine ship parts. Phosphorus-containing tin bronze has good mechanical properties and can be used as wear resistant parts and elastic parts of high precision working mother machine. Lead-containing tin bronze is often used as wear-resistant parts and sliding bearings. Zinc-containing tin bronze can be used as high gas tightness castings

Chemical composition:

Cu Margin:    Sn 6.07.0   Pb≤0.02   P0.100.25   Al≤0.002   Fe≤0.05      Si ≤0.002    Sb ≤0.002   Bi≤0.002

Note:≤0.1(impurities) QSN6.5-0.1


Tensile strength σ b / MPA: ≥ 470 width: 0.5-1000mm thickness: 0.5-5000mm Hot working temperature 750 ~ 770 ℃, annealing temperature 600 ~ 650 ℃

Specimen size:

heat treatment specification for diameter or opposite edge distance 5M12 heat treatment temperature 750 ~ 770 ℃;

Brand number:   QSn6.5-0.1   QSn7-0.2

The corresponding relation of phosphorus copper belt:


International standards

America Japan Russia Germany Britain France
QSn6.5-0.1 CuSn6 C51900 C5191 БPOΦ6.5-0.15 CuSn6 CuSn6P
QSn7-0.2 CuSn8 C52100 C5210 БPOΦ7-0.2 CuSn8 PB103 CuSn8P

Product detail pictures:

Best-Selling Tin Ingot - Phosphorus copper strip – Wanlutong detail pictures

Best-Selling Tin Ingot - Phosphorus copper strip – Wanlutong detail pictures

Best-Selling Tin Ingot - Phosphorus copper strip – Wanlutong detail pictures

Best-Selling Tin Ingot - Phosphorus copper strip – Wanlutong detail pictures

Best-Selling Tin Ingot - Phosphorus copper strip – Wanlutong detail pictures

Best-Selling Tin Ingot - Phosphorus copper strip – Wanlutong detail pictures

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