Bending of hollow aluminum tubes

Hollow aluminum tube is a kind of high strength duralumin, heat treatment can be strengthened, in annealing, hardening and hot state plasticity medium. With the bending machine bending, in the selection of bending radius, should choose a slightly larger bending radius. Or you can find two large and small grooves in the circular pulley, the large pulley solid, and then the small pulley and the large pulley intersect flat together, and then in the center of the large pulley, the small pulley fixed on the balance pole, and finally the steel pipe inserted in the center of the two pulley groove fixed up at the other end of the lever slowly bending can be.

In order to prevent the bending of the hollow aluminum pipe deformation, before bending, prepare some sand, and two plugs to plug one end of the pipe with a plug, and then fill the steel pipe with fine sand, and then plug the other end of the steel pipe. In this way, when bending can ensure that the pipe is not deflated, maintain the maximum roundness. When plugging the hollow aluminum tube head, it is best to nail several pits to ensure that the plug does not fall off when bending. Before bending, heat the place where the pipe is to be bent to reduce the hardness of the pipe and make it softer and easier to bend. Turn the tube as it burns to make sure it’s soft all the way around. Prepare a roller according to the shape and size of the hollow aluminum tube to be bent, fix the wheel on the cutting board, hold one end of the aluminum tube with one hand and the other end with the other hand, lean the part to be bent against the roller, slowly bend with force, and then it can be easily bent into the required curvature.

Post time: May-04-2023
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