Lead ingot

Lead ingot


Item Lead ingot
Standard ASTM, AISI, JIS, ISO, EN, BS, GB, etc.
Material Pb99.994、Pb99.990、Pb99.985、Pb99.970、Pb99.940
Size The weight of the small ingot can be: 48kg ± 3kg, 42kg ± 2kg, 40kg ± 2kg, 24kg ± 1kg;The weight of the large ingot can be: 950 kg ± 50kg, 500 kg ± 25kg.

Packaging: Small ingots are packed with non-corrosive packing tape. Large ingots are supplied as bare ingots.

Application Mainly used in the manufacture of batteries, coatings, warheads, welding materials, chemical lead salts, cable jackets, bearing materials, caulking materials, Babbitt alloys and X-ray protective materials.

Product properties

Lead ingots are divided into large ingots and small ingots. The small ingot is a rectangular trapezoid, with a bundling groove at the bottom and protruding ears at both ends. The large ingot is trapezoidal, with T-shaped bumps at the bottom, and gripping troughs on both sides. The lead ingot is rectangular, with protruding ears at both ends, blue-white metal, and is relatively soft. The density is 11.34g / cm3, and the melting point is 327 ° C.

Lead ingots should be shipped with non-corrosive substances to prevent rain, and should be stored in a ventilated, dry, non-corrosive substance warehouse. During the transportation and storage of lead ingots, the white, off-white, or yellow-white films formed on the surface are determined by the natural oxidation properties of lead, and are not used as a basis for scrap.


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