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Wanlutong Metal Material Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest national professional metal manufacturers established in China. After many years of good faith management, the company is a large-scale industrial metal holding company integrating aluminum and aluminum alloy industry, copper and copper alloy industry, zinc, lead, tin, steel, stainless steel and other metal industry logistics. The company has established extensive business cooperation relationships with 142 countries and regions around the world, making important contribution to China’s reform and opening up and new era industrial development..

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  • Tool steel is a critical material in the manufacturing industry, renowned for its exceptional hardness, durability, and ability to retain a sharp edge. This article explores the unique properties, benefits, and wide-ranging applications of tool steel, emphasizing its indispensable role in modern ...
  • Cold heading steel is a specialized material used extensively in the manufacturing industry for producing high-strength fasteners and components. This article delves into the properties, advantages, and diverse applications of cold heading steel, highlighting its crucial role in modern manufactur...
  • Exploring the Uses and Benefits of Purple Copper Line in Modern Applications   Exploring the Uses and Benefits of Purple Copper Line in Modern Applications   The purple copper line, an intriguing variation of traditional copper, is gaining attention in various industries due to its unique pr...
  • 03/07 24

    Copper busbar

    The Importance and Applications of Copper Busbar in Modern Electrical Systems   Copper busbars are essential components in modern electrical systems, offering unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Their significance lies in their ability to conduct electricity with minimal resistance, which ...
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